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Swanage Weekend




Swanage - Oct 19th - 21st


After a four hour journey through Friday traffic we all arrived at Swanage pier within about an hour of each other. Richard, Tim, Maryon, Rob, Pauline and  Cat kitted up and dived under the pier. Mark and Sean took the hot drink option and chose to keep the ladies company. Visibility wasn't its best with only the posts of the pier seen leading to a lot of near misses to the head. A short 15/20 minute dive and we were back on dry land for a well needed cuppa.


After drying off and warming up we took a ten minute drive to arrive at our home for the next few days at Ullwell holiday village. A nice hot shower was needed and most were lucky to get one . After Tim thought it would be a good idea to turn the hot water off after his shower some missed the chance to enjoy this. He obviously thought the sea wasn't cold enough! Mutterings of “Revenge is sweet” were heard!




Dinner was then served, a very tasty spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread, home-cooked by Jane along with a few sociable glasses of wine. The left-overs being donated to the local wildlife in the hope that the birds wouldn't keep us awake all night. Thanks for that one Sean (Revenge is a dish best served cold?). The evening ended with the funniest game of charades ever played with Tims ‘Jaws’ being the highlight of the evening. Then it was off to bed for some rest before another day of fun.

The alarms went off at seven and by eight o clock we were back at the pier getting kitted up. By nine thirty we were on the boat for the ten minute journey to the ‘Fleur De Lys’ wreck.



We all entered the water and descended via the shot-line. Again the visibility wasn't at its best and buddies were kept close. Unfortunately there was not a lot to see and we all surfaced between thirty minutes to an hour later. A short ride back to shore followed for some well needed cuppas and a bacon butty or toastie.

We were back on the boat around half one for our second dive of the day ‘The Valentine Tanks’ . Visibility was poor here too. The highlight for some was seeing the shot-line and deciding it was a good time for a game of ‘tug-of-war’ just to let the others know they were there. Losing a fin on entry didn’t phase one diver who completed a 45 minute dive in style without it. “Is this something that can be signed off for Ocean Divers?” was mentioned afterwards.




All back on board and after being reunited with their fin we all headed back to shore. Hot showers were enjoyed by all this time before heading into town for a few more drinks and an Italian meal.

With Cat and Maryon now qualified as an Ocean Divers the celebrations began. After dinner and a few bottles we headed back to try Tim’s famous cheese board. A few more drinks were consumed before it was decided it was time for bed.

Tim, Maryon, Rob and Pauline opted to get a final pier five in on the Sunday morning while the rest of us enjoyed a much needed lie-in with some not surfacing until nearly ten o’clock.

Unfortunately the Sunday morning dive was called off due to the weather but we all enjoyed a cup of tea and a walk around before enjoying a spot of lunch ahead of our journey home.

To round off it was yet another fantastic weekend although the diving was affected by poor visibility, the company and events made it a worthwhile trip.

 Many thanks to Tim and Jane for organising everything and many thanks to all who were there for contributing to such a great weekend .



Thanks to Cat for the write-up.